Information Of RAN KOUBOU

MainImage RAN KOUBOU is a flower workshop located in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, known as The Kingdom of Flowers engage in the cultivation and breeding of Phalaenopsis and provides wholesale production to various flower markets nationwide as well as overseas.


The annual volume of handled shares is "500,000 Plants"。
We carefully raise them from seedlings, place strict control on optimal growing condtion (temperature・humidity・brightness etc), and our staff nurtures plant with care. Farm Scenery
We would like many people to enjoy Phalaenopsis・・・
With such motivation, we have developed various varieties and received numerous awards inside and outside of the country. Award Infomation
Phalaenopsis grow slowly, also it takes about 10 years for developing new variety.
At Orchid workshop, we are constantly conducting variety development in a dedicated laboratory to deliver superior variety not only beautiful flower colors but also sturdy plants, long-lasting flowers, condition of leaf and flower. Variety Development
125 Daimyoujin Kamaya-cho Nishio, Aichi 445-0044
TEL:+81-563-55-7411 FAX:+81-563-57-3009
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